Architecture | Planning | Project Management

WHN Architects has been in architectural practice for 30 years. Our office is located at 330 West 10th Street, Charlotte, North Carolina and we occupy the entire building. Our professional staff consists of nine registered Architects, BIM technicians, designers, and support staff.

WHN Architects is a hands-on firm that is committed to perfecting the details on every phase of a project. While there are many talents we can bring to the table, the most important one is listening. That level of personal attention is why clients like you choose an architecture firm like ours.

At WHN we believe in a service-oriented approach that includes continuous collaboration with clients. We’re not afraid to embrace the limitations of any project and still find interesting solutions. We understand that environmental impact is serious business these days, and we’re ready to listen and respond to your needs and your budget. Success, as we define it, is a finished product that blends with its occupants, systems, materials, the surrounding community and most of all satisfies the owner’s expectations.

Our development of design concepts is guided by a methodical approach and strong leadership of our design team. We blend functional, aesthetic and human considerations into a workable solution that fits the practical requirements, site conditions and economics of the project. Our goal is to allow our creativity to evolve from our analysis and understanding of all facets of the building project, with an eye toward developing a productive and enlightening space for the users.

WHN offers fully coordinated architecture, interior design, engineering, and project management services with planners, architects, designers, engineers and expert consultants to meet your needs. We have strong experience leading our team of professionals through successful projects. We have a dedicated team of core professionals to manage the entire design and construction process, with the flexibility to shape our teams to best fit each project’s needs.